Understanding the Importance of Establishing a Primary Care Doctor

What is a Primary Care Doctor?

A primary care doctor is the gatekeeper for you to enjoy optimal health. A primary care doctor is the first person to visit for both routine wellness care and treatment when you are ill. Your primary care doctor can order laboratory testing, imaging studies, and other services to aid in diagnosis. A primary care doctor can also make a referral to a specialist if necessary.

Conditions a Primary Care Doctor Can Treat

A primary care doctor can treat a wide variety of illnesses including colds, flu, infections, fever, and other acute illnesses. A primary care doctor can also treat and manage chronic diseases and conditions including asthma, allergies, obesity, heart issues, diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

When You Should See Your Primary Care Doctor

You should see your primary care doctor at least once each year for routine wellness care, and more often if you have a chronic medical condition. You should also see your primary care doctor if you have a fever which doesn’t resolve, pain which is becoming more severe, increasing severity of symptoms associated with an illness, or if you’ve had a recent injury or accident.

How You Should Choose Your Primary Care Doctor

Your primary care doctor is someone who cares about your overall health, so you want a doctor you can talk with, who is compassionate, and takes the time to listen and address your concerns. You also want a doctor who is convenient. The telehealth services available at GT Healthcare give you access to expert medical care, all in the comfort and privacy of your home.

What to Expect During Your Telehealth Primary Care Appointment

At your telehealth primary care appointment, your doctor will discuss your symptoms with you, record any medications you are taking, and any recent hospitalizations. Your doctor may also order imaging studies and laboratory testing if necessary. Depending on the diagnosis, your primary care doctor may prescribe medications to alleviate your symptoms, recommend additional therapies to aid healing, or make a referral to a specialist.

Want To Know More?

To discover more about telehealth primary care services, talk with the medical professionals at GT Healthcare, offering telehealth primary care services to residents of Laguna Beach, San Diego, San Francisco, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Sacramento, CA. You can reach them in the office by calling (619) 547-1856, so call today.

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