Self Check In

Log on to the Patient Portal and find the appointment

  1. Log on to the Patient Portal on your mobile device.
  2. Tap Appointments.
  3. Tap Upcoming Appointments.
    Check-in Available appears next to any appointment that is available for online check-in.
  4. Tap Check-in Available.
  5. Review the appointment information and tap Check In.

The Patient Information step appears.

Confirm or update demographic information

  1. Confirm or update your contact and personal information.
  2. To add a pharmacy to your patient record:
    1. Scroll down and tap Add Pharmacy.
      In the Select a Pharmacy window, search for and select the pharmacy.
    2. Tap Save.
      Note: You can store up to five pharmacies in your patient record, but only one can be designated as your primary pharmacy.
  3. Tap Continue.

If you have an outstanding account balance, a copay, or both, the Billing step appears.

Pay your copay or outstanding balance

  1. Select the charges to pay.
    Note: For outstanding balances, you can enter an amount smaller than the charge in the Payment box. You can also select pay at your appointment.
  2. Tap Continue.
  3. Select your payment method (credit card only).
    You can select any credit card displayed on this page, or you can select Pay with a different card.
  4. If you have no credit card on file with the practice, or if you selected Pay with a different card, a payment window appears. Enter your credit card information and check the I'm not a robot box.
  5. Tap Review Payment.
  6. Verify your payment information and tap Submit Payment.
    A message confirms that your payment was received.
  7. Tap Continue.

If the practice has any consent forms for you to sign, the Consent and Privacy step appears.

Sign consent forms

  1. Tap a form.
    • Some forms (.html and .png) appear immediately.
    • For other forms (.pdf), tap download. The form opens in your mobile device's default reader.

      Note: You can tap Download to download Adobe Reader for free.
  2. To sign the form, enter your full name in the signature box and tap Sign.

    If you prefer to sign the form when you arrive at the practice, tap Sign at the front desk.
  3. Review each form on your mobile device and either sign it or tap Sign at the front desk to continue to the next step.
  4. After you review all the forms, tap Continue.

The Health History Form step appears.

Complete the health history form

  1. Review each section (Medications, Allergies, and so on) of your health history form.
  2. For each section, tap Update to add, edit, or remove items, or click No Changes.
  3. If you tap No Changes in every health history section, this message appears:
  4. To make changes, tap Go Back. Otherwise, tap Yes.
  5. When you finish reviewing the health history, tap Complete.
    A message thanks you for completing online check-in.
  6. After you check in for the appointment, the final window displays a prompt to enter a question for your provider. (For more information, see Questions for providers created during pre-appointment self check-in.)
    1. Tap Send a secure message.
      A message box opens.
    2. Enter your question (up to 500 characters) and then tap Send.
      Practice staff will not see the question until the time of your visit.

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