Irina is a Registered Dietitian with over five years of experience in the clinical, community, and eating disorders fields. She is passionate about helping individuals build healthy relationships with food, cultivate body positivity, and embrace intuitive eating practices. Irina earned her Bachelor’s degree from Tel Aviv University and further advanced her knowledge through a comprehensive dietetic internship program at Utah State University focusing on evidence-based practices and a deep understanding of the complex interplay between nutrition, psychology, and mental well-being.
She has worked in a variety of settings, including hospitals, community health centers, and private practice, where she tailored nutrition interventions to support individuals in their recovery journeys. Irina’s involvement in community nutrition programs has given her the privilege to empower groups with the knowledge and skills to make informed, positive dietary choices. At the heart of Irina’s practice is a commitment to fostering a body-positive and compassionate approach to nutrition and wellness. She firmly believes that every person's journey is unique, and her philosophy centers on intuitive eating—a practice that encourages individuals to listen to their bodies, honor their hunger and fullness cues, and develop a more harmonious relationship with food. Irina is dedicated to helping clients to embrace their bodies, working towards a healthier self-image and overall well-being.